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If you are looking to play girl games online then you are at right place. Here you will find plenty games for free. There are Barbie games, cooking games, doll games, school girl dress up games, girl puzzle games, bratz doll games and many more free games for girls.

Games are designed for girls to play safely on the web for free. These games are chosen by hand to entertain and educate girls. Games help to visualize dressing and makeup by applying different styles to girl models. Models are chosen from popular movies, cartoon stars, TV stars and music artists. Girls love designing and doing design virtually gives them ability to try as many variations in very short time and make their minds up faster. This will develop their mindset to make fast decisions. We have wide range of games suitable for any girl age.

Starting from 3 to 10 and teenage girls can find games suitable for them. We recommend coloring games for 3-6 year old preschool girls. Subjects for coloring are chosen specifically for girls. There are animals, house pets, cartoon characters, dolls also letters and numbers to make preschool children familiar with them.

Most parents prefer online games for coloring. It is because children can recolor them without wasting paper and pencils. That is the beauty of virtual games. Other reason for choosing online games is we have huge database of games so that if you play 10 games a day you can finish playing all games in a year. Also we daily add new games to our awesome game site.

Girl games have several categories to direct you to the right game to play. Each game category has more than 100 games in it. All of them are awesome games.

Dress up games

Play free dress up games online. Girls love dress up games where they can try new fashion, style, accessory, colors, heir style, jewelry, costume, footwear, bags. Online dress up games as entertaining as a doll dress up games but have more outfit and possibilities to try. Because all dresses and models online there are endless possibility to dress up your character. Girls will enjoy dressing up cartoon characters they love, doll girls they play in daily lives, celebrities that they fan of, anime characters, models. Pay attention to style that need match each other but don't be afraid to try new ideas when dressing up. Remember using matching accessories in dress up games. After you finish your design you can print out your final work and show to your parents. Also you can draw later on the printed out paper additional design elements with colored pencils.

If you are trying first time to play dress up games we suggest playing Barbie game.

Makeover games

Makeovers are fun in real life, you can transform your friends to fashion models. Playing games online is great place to try and learn. You can experiment like crazy in online makeup games. There are so many different styles that you can create, depending on your mood you can style your character to express your feeling. You can experiment makeovers for current weather outside. Also evening or morning makeover will be different as well as for special occasions. Main advice be brave ant enthusiastic to try new ideas and try styles that you like and fit. Play makeover games from this page to get start.

Thanks for reading this intro and enjoy playing our games for girls.